La Miniera di Galparino


La Miniera di Galparino

The holiday farm ‘La Miniera di Galparino’ is located in the upper part of Umbria, deep in the Upper Tiber Valley hills.

The farmhouse dates back to 1100, when it was a lookout point for the Templar Order; indeed, still today some evidence can be seen on the massive indoor walls. Notwithstanding, the structure owes its name to the first lignite mine in Northern Umbria, from the beginning of the XIX century.

Finely restructured, our holiday farm and organic farm company produce honey, organic olive oil, wine and Vino Santo from smoked grapes from the Upper Tiber Valley, a Slow Food ‘presidio’.

Just a few kilometres away from some of the most impressive Italian hamlets, such as Montone and Citerna, and from the main Umbrian art towns and cities like Città di Castello, Perugia and Assisi; throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to feel free and sure to enjoy the peace and harmony of the wide green space the Umbrian countryside can offer.
We also point out some unmissable masterpieces, just a few km from us: the Abbey of Badia Petroia and the Oratorio of San Crescentino.



Take some time to relax
among nature
and let yourself be pampered by the sounds
and the scents it gives.


The more than 50 hectares of the property will immerse you in the
silent but laborious everyday life of a farm.
The vineyard, the olive grove and the truffle ground, as well as the bees,
they can make you discover the magic of nature which is… LIFE.


The cuisine is made up of simple recipes from the Umbrian
peasant tradition. The choice we make every day is to bring
good and genuine organic and 0 km farm ingredients to your
dishes, respecting seasonality and the Earth.
La Miniera di Galparino, Agriturismo e Ristorante in Umbria, Città di Castello
slowfood vino santo alta valle del tevere
galparino azienda biologica
campagna amica
Marchio Agriturismo Italia

A fundamental point our family run business rests on is environmental respect.

Since 10 years the energy we use in our farm is produced by solar panels we have on the roof. They are a form of clean and renewable energy which has the advantage to be produced without polluting air.

We are sure big changes start from small everyday actions. That’s the reason why in our farm you’ll find some spots where to recycle your garbage in the correct way. We’ve manufactured wood-bins ourselves by using the wood we recycled from old pallets we had in the farm.

It’s many years we’ve been trying to reduce as much as possible the use of plastic. Even in covid-19 era, where the majority of things to use have to be disposable, we are working to use organic disposable objects which are easier to recycle.
We do want to respect regulations and health, but environment, too!

Our family run business is completely following organic treatments since more than 15 years. We intensely believe that what we eat reflects on our health, that’s the reason why we want to bring on your tables healthy, natural, organic and seasonal products.

To work by following organic practices is undoubtedly more difficult than to work by using “classical” chemical methods, above all in rural and disadvantaged areas like the one we live in; that’s why agricultural organic practices require constant attention. However, we are convinced that what really matters is to put on your dishes good and clean food and to protect and respect nature and the world around us.

Come and discover the beauty of the Umbrian nature