Tradition and Innovation, Genuineness and Refinement… to discover again the goodness of simplicity
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Umbria is the only Italian destination in 2023 for “Lonely Planet”.
Merit of a lively cuisine, made up of excellences scattered throughout the small territory.

We are in the first 10 precious addresses where eat and drink well in Umbria.

Environment respect also lies at the table

We’ve been preparing traditional and seasonal dishes since 2000, which aim to battle food waste. One of the ways we love to employ in order to reduce food waste is to dry out the big amount of vegetables and fruits we obtain from our vegetable garden during summer months, that otherwise we won’t be able to use in their entirety. In this way we can obtain a “new” ingredient to use, without wasting anything.

Flours from ancient grains, our organic extra virgin olive oil, fruit and vegetables from our garden, meats from 0-km breeders… These are the raw materials we constantly choose to serve.

Small producers who – just as we do – make of good and fair agriculture and breeding their only philosophy of life. We will offer all these though simple dishes – which can be at the same time elaborated and rich in history – in our tasting menu, that change every single night.

On request: gluten-free menu, vegetarian and vegan menus.

Cost per person: € 30 (drinks not included).

Reservation required.

Our restaurant is mentioned in several guides, among which:

  • Osterie d’Italia Slow Food
  • Le Guide dell’Espresso
  • La Gola in Tasca
La Miniera di Galparino Ristorante - Food
La Miniera di Galparino Ristorante - Food

Cooking Classes
Surrounded by the intimate atmosphere of the kitchen, you will discover the secrets of the most authentic Umbrian recipes, made of ‘poor’ but at the same time refined and natural ingredients. The family dimension of our kitchen makes the experience possible for small groups, a maximum of 3/4 people; this will let you enjoy the experience to the fullest and understand all the secrets of the recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation in our family.

For the low season, in spring and autumn, we thought about organizing guided tours dedicated to good wine, good food and art, in order to let our guests discover the Upper Tiber Valley, yet to be found out.

After days spent getting to know tiny wine-growing estates and unknown but unique artistic treasures, your experience will end up with dinners based on company and 0-km products in our restaurant.

Please note: Just to let you enjoy at best the experience you chose to try with us, the groups will be formed of a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 6 people.



Take some time to relax
among nature
and let yourself be pampered by the sounds
and the scents it gives.


The more than 50 hectares of the property will immerse you in the
silent but laborious everyday life of a farm.
The vineyard, the olive grove and the truffle ground, as well as the bees,
they can make you discover the magic of nature which is… LIFE.


The cuisine is made up of simple recipes from the Umbrian
peasant tradition. The choice we make every day is to bring
good and genuine organic and 0 km farm ingredients to your
dishes, respecting seasonality and the Earth.