You will discover all the life and beauty hidden behind the silence of nature…
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Discover the Upper Tiber Valley

We can’t speak about biodiversity and environment without speaking about bees, one of the most important insects in the World.
Since three years we’ve decided to install a small, new apiary. Both because we would like to let our guests trying good and clean honey, and because bees are the most important pollinators thanks to which animal and vegetal life is possible.

That’s why we think it is really important to preserve these animals from extinction: indeed, bees are increasingly endangered due to intensive plantation and pesticides widely used in agriculture.

La Natura dell'Alta Valle del Tevere
La Natura dell'Alta Valle del Tevere

We thought we could make our daily jobs accessible also to our guests through unique experiences, for young and old, which will give you not only great emotions, great satisfaction.


From the Vineyard to the Vinsantaia: allow yourself a stroll among our vineyards to ‘touch directly with your hands’ the care and passion we have in growing vines, so that they can give us the best Vino Santo from smoked grapes, a Slow Food ‘presidio’.

After your visit, the tasting will be the perfect end to make you fall in love with this as ancient as unique and incredible product.

Few but good! We have been producing wine for five years and we still only make two wines, but why not taste them after a visit to our vineyards?

This experience is designed to let you fully understand our philosophy and our way of working in the vineyard and in the cellar: we will start with a walk among the rows, we will stop at the Big Bench, then return to our very small cellar and finally come to the tasting.

On the veranda overlooking the pool we will explain our wines in combination with a platter of company salami and km0 cheeses.
Discover with us all the flavors of Upper Umbria

Too little time for a walk through the vineyards, but curious to taste our wines?

With “Wine Tasting” you will be welcomed on the veranda overlooking the pool where you can taste our wines paired with a platter of company cold cuts and km0 cheeses.

It will still be an experience you will not forget!

AllAroundGalparino: Where does everything we serve at your tables come from?

We take you to discover the “slow life” of our organic farm, walking around our property you will see up close where what we produce comes from.

Cereals, wine, oil… but much more that you can then taste in a zero km snack.
Did you fall in love with the genuine flavors of what you tasted? You can buy everything that is available in the farm!

Please note: Just to let you enjoy at best the experience you chose to try with us, the groups will be formed of a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 6 people.



Take some time to relax
among nature
and let yourself be pampered by the sounds
and the scents it gives.


The more than 50 hectares of the property will immerse you in the
silent but laborious everyday life of a farm.
The vineyard, the olive grove and the truffle ground, as well as the bees,
they can make you discover the magic of nature which is… LIFE.


The cuisine is made up of simple recipes from the Umbrian
peasant tradition. The choice we make every day is to bring
good and genuine organic and 0 km farm ingredients to your
dishes, respecting seasonality and the Earth.